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Frequently asked questions

Am I signing up for 6 months? What does rollover mean?

No. Our monthly memberships automatically roll over to make continued bookings easier for our rockets. If you wish not to attend a month just log on to the website and head to ‘my memberships’ and cancel.

What are the different types of memberships?

We offer 3 different monthly memberships to cater to everyone’s needs.

  • Our £30 a month membership is our Instagram Squad community; inclusive of our Instagram timetable and social and wellbeing community. Led by Rho and her guest Rock it instructors.
  • Our £40 membership is our Zoom membership. This is an exclusive membership with limited capacity. We focus on the same sets each month and build intensity each week, making sure that the participating rockets have the correct form and build on the stamina, endurance and fitness levels with every session. We also offer £8 Pay as you Go spaces with our Zoom sessions when there is availability. Our Zoom sessions are all led by Rho and are a more personal and exclusive experience.
  • Our £50 Access All Areas monthly membership is inclusive of both our Instagram and Zoom timetable.

Will it be too much for me to do both timetables?

We work hard to ensure that our timetables work hand in hand with one another and target specific body areas each day. Our timetables work hand in hand with one another.

Are the sessions saved?

Our Instagram body squad sessions are saved on the page for 48 hours to give you the chance to catch up or repeat any classes. The time limit is there for accountability. Our Zoom sessions are currently not saved.

What are the Instagram wellness sessions?

Our Instagram Body Squad is a full; mind, body and spirit experience! We are all about setting and achieving our goals by having the best time doing so. It is important to understand that everything is connected – the only way we can achieve our goals is by working on our happiness from the inside out. Our wellness and wellbeing live sessions range from nutrition to fashion, goal setting to lifestyle, skincare to form, haircare to recipes – this list is endless!

How can I keep up to date with what is happening?

Subscribe to our website and follow us on our socials - @rockitwithrho on Instagram and Facebook

Do you take private bookings?

Yes, we take private, corporate and event bookings to name a few. Drop us an email with your requirements to info@rockitwithrho.com

Where can we find your gym wear and equipment?

Click on the ‘Rock it Shop’ tab on the website

How do I book a monthly membership?

Monthly memberships become available for the following month on the last 2 weeks of the current month.

What is Rock it on the Go?

Rock it on the Go is our Pre-Recorded Home Workout series! Unable to make live sessions? Want to work at your own pace? Want to own Rock it Workouts for LIFE? Our downloadable series is here for you!

Will I be able to keep up?

Yes! All of our sessions contain 3 levels of intensity; Low, Medium and High – Go at your own pace and Rho is right there to give you that extra push.